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Phone Number Information: +6568685101

+65 68685101
+65 6868 5101

Fixed number in Tuas

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Automated caller from UOB Credit blah blah blah. As long not real human talk to me right away, I will hang up.
UOB Bank
Financial Services
This UOB number keeps calling couple of time in a day. Very annoying people. I'm filing a complain to the UOB customer service now.
UOB credit card centers
UOB Credit Card and they keep calling you multiple times a day and every day even if you are overseas. Previously they had another number which lot of people in Singapore has blocked. You can block this number too to send a message that late payment doesn't means customer is not going to pay. Stop this loanshark kind of chase or better they can cancel card of customer who doesn't pay UOB is so scared of getting money back.
Financial Services

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